New Year - New project of AWESOMENESS

It's a brand new year which brings with it new grand ambitions, goals and projects and among several other projects this year I have put together an amazing blog circle with some pretty incredible ladies that I admire and respect. I am so super excited about this wee little group and everyone in it!!!! 10 photos each month on the 10th. . . easy enough right?!? But more than that it is an amazing group of photographers collaborating together to promise to not only blog but to put ourselves out there. To shoot regularly and give our blogs a huge kick in the booty (not to mention behind the scenes we have a ton of fun joking and getting to know one another better. . . bouncing ideas, sharing our days and our work. It is beyond inspiring and motivational) It is always an amazing day when you find your tribe. . . your people that understand the same need to create. . . the fear of putting yourself out there. . . the joy in accomplishment and the incredible magic that comes from having like minded people to support your goals and ambitions and frankly make you feel a little less odd (or that your version of odd is exactly PERFECT.) That is power!!! 

SO here are my top 10 images for the past month (or from the past 3 weeks because I wasn't shooting much before than lol). I am so excited to be creating again after taking such a long break away from the camera in 2017. It truly feels like coming home!

Ok. . . ok. . . so for those that were counting there are "technically" 11 images on this page BUT I must point out that I have never been famous for following rules AND it is my blog SO why not?!? lol

Thank you all so much for popping by and viewing my favorite image from the past month!!! NOW if you would like to see what my amazing "tribe" has been up to head over to the amazing Miss Tanya Moon's blog. Her brilliant use of light and shadows completely blows me away!

vvvv P.S. I also found this to be crazy inspiring so had to add it!!! vvvv