A little different for me but I promised I would stick with my "I was there TOO" project this year so here goes nothing. . .

I find myself sitting in this chair a lot the past few days. . . cuddled up next to the fire in my room where it is somewhat quiet. Somehow I have literally broken my back. . . I went to the Dr yesterday with not much relief so here I shall sit and wait it out I guess.

I consider myself a very independent person. . . I don't mind being alone (and grant it how alone are we truly when we have two toddlers and a teen in the house but still. . . there is always that sense of "you got this") but on days like today I truly wish my hubby could be home. . . I don't want to move. . . I don't want to adult. I certainly don't want to sit here in pain that brings tears to my eyes but those are the options that are laying in front of me so that is what I would be most comfortable doing but that isn't an all day possibility because I have to be someone's person RIGHT NOW. . . and that is ok to.

It is before noon and I have created my blog post, I have shot my daily picture, edited it and now sharing it. . . I have ordered groceries because heavens knows I am not going to brave the grocery store today. . . so honestly I am still winning, but than I look around and see my house getting that much more messy, my business not going anywhere and my kids chilling in their pjs still and all I want to do is crawl back up those stairs and sit in this chair. . . by my fire. . . and sulk because there is nothing I can do to feel better so I can BE a better adult and tackle these things that need to be done.

I know tomorrow will be a better day, I have faith it will get better, but today I am not feeling the rainbows and butterflies (and that is ok too, not every day can be that kind of day). Either way, I was there TOO. . . broken and miserable BUT HERE.