Terrible joke I know (Pulp Fiction anyone). So the flu has had us all under the weather for over a month and since I wasn't on my A game with my February post this one is going to be a bit longer with all my top picks from the past two months. . . hope you don't mind.

It has been a bit of a whirl wind around here lately with so many ups and downs. We had the 1 year anniversary of Sky's passing which was HARD and like I mentioned both the little have been terribly ill BUT we have also had some amazing family times and memories. Thank you so much for taking a look and I hope your first quarter has been a great one!! 

Don't forget to follow the circle all the way around to see what all my amazing creative friends have been up to this past month!! Thank you again for taking a peak into my little world!

Next on our blog circle is the incredible Brandi Walter-Engel from RetroAngel Photography!! Please follow the link to her blog to see what she has been up to this past month!