Self Portrait - The Onion

So here goes. . . Self portrait work has become such a blessing and creative freedom in my life this year which leaves me wondering where I was before I found the liberation that inspires me now. Being able to create and use emotions to express myself and give them life has been such a fulfilling journey!! I still have so much to learn and such a long journey ahead of me but I look forward to every single bit of it!!

The Onion Challenge

"Technically" I am supposed to wait to share this image teehee. I have recently taken on a new collaboration with an INCREDIBLE friend in which we challenge ourselves to create within a specific theme with no parameters other than interpreting the theme and how it translates to us. Our very first ever theme challenge is the Onion.

To ME when I think Onion I think layers. . . I am inspired by the color purple and depth and of course I wanted to incorporate my version of the challenge into a self portrait. We have a time limit of two weeks to conceptualize, create and share. I still have about a week and a half before the time frame is up so it is likely that many more Onion inspired pieces will be created BUT this one has been SO over the moon inspiring to me. Not because it is perfect. . . it is FAR from it. BUT this is my very very first image I have ever created that I conceptualized, shot all the elements myself (rather than stock images) AND composited into a single piece!! AND THAT WORKED OUT LIKE I HAD ENVISIONED IN MY BRAIN!!! That my dear friends is BIG DOINGS!!!

If any given person could actually look into my brain and see the crazy things that go on in the world of my imagination I fear they would likely run screaming most days. Turning those thoughts into something tangible and having it work out as I had imagined is MAGIC!! I am truly proud of myself for making this image happen.

SO this is me. . . channeling my inner Onion lol.

AND since it is inspirational Monday and the incredible Brooke Shaden has challenged us to not only create a self portrait but also to step outside our box, I have decided that fate has tempted me to share this piece that I just finished this morning before watching her Monday video and share to it here (which likely would mean that nobody will ever see it so "technically" I haven't "shared" it on social media LOL. Not that my amazing collaborative buddy would be upset because she is THE BEST but only because we don't want to taint each other's artistic interpretation of the Onion until we have both created our vision lol. . . BUT there is also likely to be other images created by me so it is quite possible that this one will never be shared anyways <<<<<< that is me justifying things. . . I do that LOL.