Self Portraits. . . I know I have been talking about this a lot since the start of the year but if you have been following you probably know that it is kinda a very close subject to my heart lately. . . I was there TOO!! 

And WHO KNEW that I would actually enjoy it?!? I have never been much of a selfie person. . . the time to actually set up and get things where you would like them, predict your light, your settings, your focus. . . all of it just seemed like such a struggle for something that I would just want to pick apart later anyways. BUT it just seems different this year, so much easier, so much freedom! I am do whatever I would like!!! I can expect cooperation!!! I can make the images I have in my brain come to life and I am kinda loving it! Maybe this is just my year?!? Maybe it took me 36 years to actually realize that the me I am is the only one I am getting so maybe I need to just learn to love all my imperfections?!? Embrace the knowledge that I can be as creative as my soul want to be and all I truly needed in the first place was me. BONKERS!!!!

So I shall rock the me I am and create some art while I am at it! Whoop whoop to being the you you are!