For the longest time this area of my photography was me. . . I lived in the tiny moments, the serenity and calm of seeing all the beautiful details in my day. Crawling around in the mud, making friends with bugs, photo journaling weeds (no joke, I spent a whole summer documenting the misunderstood beauty of common weeds) but than it stopped. . . I just couldn't see it anymore. My whole little world of calm and patience where I could block everything out and connect with things just went away. I tried a few times and it just wasn't there. . . it was gone. I think a lot of it was because I didn't want to see it. I didn't want to open myself up to the beauty of the tiny things around me. My heart was broken and with it my passion was as well. Today I decided to click that macro lens into place and give it another go. It was totally organic. . . I didn't going looking for a shot, it kind of found me and just felt like old times so maybe it is time to start opening myself back up? Maybe not fully drowning myself in it as I once did but just allowing it to come to me when the time is right?!? 

Who knows. . . either way, it felt real and comforting.