21.99 Days of Summer

21.99 Days of Summer

When you possess light within, you see it externally.
— Anais Nin

Today's image comes with a story teehee. I originally wrote this this afternoon for a forum post at Reflections but thought I would share it here also because it was fun.

I just wanted to share a bit about how my days usually go and my creative process. I get asked from time to time how I look for and find the light in a lot of my nature/macro shots. . . My general reaction is, I just get lucky a lot. By this I don't mean it is all luck because there is a lot of work that goes into learning how your camera functions and all the technical aspects of what make a great image. I know my camera, it is like a 4th child to me. What I mean is that I know what to look for and gravitate to these locations as if it were by some cosmic pull of luck. I thought I would show you. . . with pictures and funny commentary, because that's how I roll.

First off I am going to start by saying I am not a planner. . . it is not my best quality. I know some people who take weeks or even months to plan out a shoot and I LOVE THAT but it is just not me. And although I preach about patience a lot this is also not one of my strong points either so waiting for certain light or instances isn't something I look forward to either. My general process goes something like this. . .

We started our day like most days around here. We get up quite early to go outside and play before the heat sets in. It is literally 115 degrees outside right now (just a hair over 46 degrees celsius) so leaving the swamp cooler between the hours of 1 and 6 pm is not something we do. My little Jasper is NOT a fan of water so when I saw him showing interest in the hose I thought I would turn it on and see if he would enjoy playing in the mist.

Daily photo op in the making WHOOP WHOOP

He instantly assumed I was out to douce him in the hose water (like his sister enjoys doing) and took off running. So I decided to toss the hose and nozzle over the fence and lay in wait for him to come back. Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of standing flush against the fence directly in front of the spray. WHOOPS. No worries though, no equipment was harmed in the making of this image.

P.S. did you know that chainlink produces pretty awesome bokeh when shot at an angle?!? 

SO I repositioned and started back on my journey to capture an adorable shot of my little playing in the hose.

Another quick fact about me. . . shiny things distract me. Have you ever seen the movie Disney's Up? Remember the dog with the "SQUIRREL" well that is me with light, my family actually jokes about it. See pretty light?!? SQUIRREL.

SO, I instantly notice this pretty little rainbow sunburst peeking in from my new position and of course had to stop everything I am doing to check out the  direction in which this light is entering my frame and BAM!! HELLO BEAUTIFUL!!

Oh be still my heart!! A WEED!! I simply love weeds. I know it is odd, but I truly feel like they are misunderstood flowers. SO imagine my surprise when I see this beautiful bushel of awesomeness covered in tiny little water drops and I know (because of that little rainbow I just caught) if I get low enough those little drops will turn into magical glowing little bokeh bubbles and just make my whole world a much happier place.

At this point I completely give up on the baby playing in water mist and head for the bush (weed) covered in awesomeness. I decide to take the belly approach like a wild cat stalking her prey. . .

I seriously could have laid there in that mud taking pictures of this weed until all those little drops dried up. . . I just get lucky like that sometimes. And THAT. . . is a little slice of my day and a look into my scattered brain. Thank you for reading and for your support!! Bwahaha

All images were taken with my Canon 6D and my Helios 40-2 85mm f1.8