The Traveling Dress

One Dress. . .

7 Photographers. . .

and a Trip Around the World

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to join an amazing project with several brilliant photographers we amply dubbed The Traveling Dress Project.

As creatives each of us were fascinated with one another's different points of view so we decided to see what would happen if we each had the opportunity to use the exact same dress to make our vision come to life.






The only stipulation what that nobody was allowed to share any of the images they had taken for the project with anyone until we had all had the opportunity to shoot with the dress and gather everything together. We wanted to make sure that non of us where creatively influenced by anyone else's vision.

We were each given one week to spend with the dress, shooting it with our specific style and creative vision in mind before we mailed it off to the next person in line.




The dress traveled nearly around the world between the seven of us. All of us very different in our shooting styles and voices. The one thing we all had in comment was our undying love for creative expression and to put as much of ourselves into one shoot as humanly possible.

I was the last person to receive the dress along with an amazing post card from Erin in Nova Scotia. Although we all only had a week with the dress the transit time between mailing and delivery kept us all on our toes eagerly waiting for our turn.



Instantly upon receiving the dress I knew my amazing niece would be the perfect model so I called her up and she graciously agreed to help me shoot my vision.

This has been such an amazing project and I truly can't wait to see everything come together and finally see what all the other girls in the project have come up with.

Thank you all for taking the time to look through my images and share in my enthusiasm for this brilliant project.


~ Kristey Fritz-Martin ~